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Vehicle administration/Vehicle Maintenance

There are many considerations when purchasing company cars particularly if you have several vehicles on your fleet. Sometimes it is better to let the experts take control of your vehicles whilst you concentrate on your own business. Some of the functions that can be included in a car leasing maintenance package are as follows;

Manufacturer service reminders, service booking and payment
Vehicle excise duty renewals (annual tax discs)
MoT inspection renewals and reminders and payment
Safety recall administration in the case of a vehicle having a manufacturing fault
Foreign travel authorisation (required if a company car is taken abroad)
Arranging temporary vehicles if a vehicle is off the road for mechanical or accident repair
Administration of traffic offences, just in case you get a parking or speeding ticket
Administration and reporting of fuel costs
Accident management, from estimation to repair completion, to minimise repair time
Disposal of company cars
Provision of management information to report on costs
Inland Revenue reporting for benefit in kind taxation

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