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At a Glance, contract hire - car leasing - finance options.

Get a quote for contract purchase and contract hire, long term car rental, private car leasing, car finance and fleet leasing throughout the UK.

Contract Hire - A popular choice for VAT registered companies.
Contract Hire allows the use of Company vehicles for a fixed monthly rental over a set period giving inflation proof and fixed costs; rental costs are reduced as the VAT on the Capital cost is recovered. When maintenance is included the monthly payment covers everything except fuel and insurance with no unexpected repair bills. Car-leasing-quote offers flexible contract terms and periods to suit the client needs and budget. Car-leasing-quote can also offer low-cost Contract Hire quotations on certain nearly new vehicles.

Finance Lease - Ideal for VAT registered companies
The benefits of a Finance Lease are a fixed monthly rental, small initial rentals and thus improved cash flow. A finance lease is also ideal for those whom want to pay for their own maintenance costs and take a risk with the resale value and disposal. Car-leasing - quote offers very competitive finance lease rentals, and remember the initial VAT on the purchase price is reclaimed by the leasing company. As the vehicle is hired and not purchased VAT is payable on all rentals and partially recoverable (50% on Passenger Cars and 100% on Commercial Vehicles- VAT registered businesses only).

Sale & Leaseback - For companies who wish to retain the use of their vehicles and generate capital from the sale.
Sale & Leaseback can be used by a company that owns its vehicles but decides it wants to start to lease them. Instead of waiting, the whole fleet, regardless of age, can be sold to the car leasing company and leased back. The company receives a cash injection and the benefits of a car fleet managed by specialists.

Contract Purchase - For companies with high-value cars.
A Contract Purchase lease encapsulates regular monthly payments to cover funding, road fund licence and depreciation to an agreed age and mileage. An optional maintenance package can be included. A contract purchase lease is particularly attractive for executive cars, as a contract purchase lease is more tax efficient. All makes and models can be quoted- from Volvo XC90, BMW X5, Mercedes- Benz E-Class to Porsche Cayenne.

Lease Purchase - For companies that want eventual ownership of the vehicle.
Lease purchase is a funding agreement where the company acquires ownership when all the payments including the option to purchase have been made. Part of the capital cost of the vehicle may be deferred into a "balloon" payment at the end of the agreement, which equates to the anticipated market value of the vehicle.

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