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There is always great debate should we 'buy a car' - 'lease a car' - 'hire a car' there are pros and cons for all the varying vehicle finance solutions. We aim to offer helpful practical advise to assist you in your choice of 'finance vehicle' for your company or personal car. Get a quote or contract our experienced staff - we offer a flexible approach to company car finace by means of contract hire and lesae hire rental agreements. Personal contract hire and personal lease hire are also available.

'Car Leasing Quote' - for UK wide coverage, fast and efficient quote from a Scottish contract hire and vehicle leasing company based in Edinburgh.

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Before you buy a car or a van for yourself or for your company, consider carefully the vehicle finance options. Get a car leasing quote or a contract hire quote and compare the various options - an experienced member of our contract hire or car leasing team could come and discuss your requirements with you if you prefer. There are various criteria for each of the finance methods which if you browse through this site are clearly explained. We are based in Edinburgh and supply vehicle hire contracts not only in Edinburgh or Scotland but throughout the UK. We have excellent 'buying power' to negotiate cheap payment deals with many dealerships offering vehicles from motor manufacturers typically, BMW, Peugeot, Citroen, Ford, Lexus, Toyota and the like. The benefits of leases and contracts with and without maintanence contracts are clearly explained.

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